Thesis: CSR Awareness

Sample Thesis Paper

It is apparent from the above observations that there is a strong need to understand the difference between CSR awareness in developing and emerging markets. Not only do the responses indicate the presence of a strong difference but there is also an indication that there may be certain similarities that are particular to developed markets and may therefore take root in the emerging markets as they continue to develop. Numerous observations showed that there was a tendency for the emerging market to either follow the trends of the developed market or to move from one trend to another such that it would oppose the developed market.

The Qatar market, taken as a representative of emerging markets in general, served to show that an emerging market is one that is highly sensitive and is one with regard to which consumer perceptions continue to evolve alongside the evolution of the developed market. It would therefore be reasonable to surmise that a developed market, such as the UK consumer market, is one for which consumers generally hold strong perceptions when considered with regard to CSR as oppose to an emerging market for which consumer perceptions are generally show tendencies to vary as the market continues to emerge and develop.

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