Thesis: Cuban Women

Sample Thesis Paper

“Wars had thrown us into previously male-dominated trades and professions. During subsequent periods of peace we were encouraged to return to the domestic sphere where, insisted the media message, our husbands and children needed us. With men at war and women required to replace them on assembly lines, we had been told formula made healthy babies. Now we were being regaled with studies showing the advantages of breast milk. This back and forth pattern had repeated itself long enough so that women were tired of being manipulated, our talents recognized only when we had to step in because men were busy wielding power elsewhere” (Randall 99).

This description allows us to observe that the Cuban women had recognized their presence in a position where they were considered nothing more than a contingency plan that could be changed and shifted as per requirement and was not to be given any relevance unless it was needed. The author makes it clear that this perception of women was serving to aggravate women and it comes as no surprise that a significant number of changes came forth in the perception that women held with regard to their position in society.

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