Thesis: Current HRM practices

Sample Thesis Paper

Management of human resources entails processes, tools and activities used in the effective organization, hiring, utilization and training of employees. HR activities are those policies, philosophies, practices and procedures which make it possible for management to motivate and develop the productivity of employees (Burke & Cooper, 2004).

In 2008, FedEx was selected as one of the top 100 companies to work for by Fortune magazine (Smith, 2011). They have been voted as one of the best employers for every year for the last decade. This is because it continually receives high ratings for its compensation packages, retention ability of employees, high morale and diversity in work. The company employees several HRM strategies in order to motivate, improve productivity and development of their employees. FedEx is able to give their employee flexible benefit plans which cover areas like life, health, tuition assistance, retirement, global travel and stock purchase according to their needs (Charles & William, 2003). The management has adopted effective leadership style for employees to follow through their corporate social responsibility. This is through various corporate giving schemes in kind to societies. They also encourage employees to give their time to charitable organizations like the Red Cross, on average 100,000 hours per year is offered by FedEx.

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