Thesis: Current Standing of UAE Economy

Sample Thesis Paper

The research was aimed at developing an understanding of the implications of a global recession on a thriving and well established economy. The study began by establishing a background and giving an introduction to the case-study chosen for the research: Johnsons Arabia LLC. Research objectives and research questions were identified before proceeding to the literature review. The literature review defined recession and its causes followed by a discussion on the measurement of recession and the indicators of recession. The effect of a recession on an economy was observed through discussion on recession and its implications on employment and unemployment as well as the multiplier effect.

The literature review also spanned a discussion on recession in a historical context before moving on to a discussion on the strategies that are employed by organizations to counter recession. A number of different strategies were highlighted after which the discussion moved on to elaborate on the strategies that an organization can bring in to use to acquire a competitive advantage during times of recession. Having established a strong foundation the literature review proceeded by elaborating on the effects of the global recession on UAE in particular. The literature review was brought to a conclusion through a brief discussion on the current standing of UAE’s economy after it has undergone the effects of the recession.

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