Thesis: Current Trends on Heroin Drug

Sample Thesis Paper

With the increasing production of Heroin in Afghanistan the prevalence of Heroin is once again increasing. A recent news report in 2009 showed that Heroin was the cause of 46 deaths in Nassau County and 50 in Suffolk County last year. It also showed that with the increase prevalence of Heroin in the County there has also been a proportional increase in overdoses, arrests and calls to addiction hotlines. The current purity levels of Heroin being sold on Long Island has been said to be greater than ever before. The prices for its sale have also gone down from 6 to 7 dollars a bag which is comparable to a packet of cigarettes (Editorial).

There is of course also a new trend which is emerging in the world which may lead to the legalization of Heroin for medicinal purposes. Currently there are only five countries in the world including England, France and Belgium which allow the use of Heroin for Medicinal purposes. A recent study was published in the New England Journal of Medicine regarding a study in Canada which showed that addicts who received treatment by use of heroin rather than methadone were more likely to remain in treatment and less likely to indulge in illicit activities in the future. This study and many others are challenging current drug laws in the United States. Other countries have seen public support for such drug policies and the implementation of such policies has shown positive results among abusers (Tierny).

The current administration of the United States has realized that increasing the penalties for Heroin use in the country will not pay dividends. Rather the only way for the administration to reduce the flow of drugs into the country is to reduce the demand for them. Thus, the current Obama administration has broken away from the hard line enforcement policies of the past and created a new focus on policies which are geared towards the maintenance of public health (Tierny).

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