Thesis: Customer Loyalty to Different Brands

Sample Thesis Paper

To What Extent are You Loyal To Any Brand Every Time You Shop Or Do You Regularly Trying New Brands?

One of the questions in the survey questionnaire was designed to inquire upon the exact nature of loyalty that the survey participants perceived to harbor. When confronted with the question designed to determine the extent to which consumers considered themselves to be loyal to a brand, the highest share was that of those who considered themselves to be of a nature not too loyal to a brand accounting for 33% of the participant’s answers.

Another observation that was made was that an equivalent number of participants considered themselves to be only moderately loyal towards a brand. This 33% was followed by the consumers who considered themselves to be loyal to brands and was closely followed by two groups of consumers. Consumers who claimed to be extremely loyal towards a brand were observed to make up only 8% of the total survey participants whereas consumers who claimed to possess no loyalty towards a product at all accounted for an 8% of the total survey participants as well. The detailed tabular form for this observation can be observed in Chart 13.

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