Thesis: Customer Retention Strategies used by Johnson Arabia LLC

Sample Thesis Paper

Another area in which dissimilarity was observed was that of recruitment and selection in which the respondents, other than the division manger considered recruitment as a highly unlikely function in times of recession. Also, growth was observed to be present when an organization is able to derive maximum productivity from its personnel while developing itself in the market.

Entry into new geographical regions was observed as the favored option to take during times of recession, followed in relevance by expansion of the distribution system. Similarly, it was observed that Johnsons Arabia considers an increase in Sales volumes as a primary determinant of growth. Customer acquisition and customer retention strategies were observed to hold undeniable when considered in light of the management approaches that experience an increase in significance when a company is going through recession.

Regardless of the measures for Johnsons Arabia that were suggested by the respondents, it was observed that there was a significant absence of implementation since almost all the respondents highlighted a need for continued implementation and identified the counter-recession strategy as one that was still fairly underway and was in no condition where conclusive determinations for its outcome could be made. There was a strong need identified for the implementation of a sustained strategy to counter the effects of the recession.

The study served to prove that a recession serves to have significantly adverse implications on an economy and that it serves to introduce a decrease in growth for the industries within the economy. This decrease in growth is one that contributes to the shelving of pending projects and the halting of ongoing projects which in turn leads to a decrease in the demand of the utilities, products and services utilized by the industry in its operations. In the case of Johnson Arabia LLC, the decline in the construction industry contributed to a decline in the need for the products and services provided by Johnson Arabia LLC. The implications were observed to have taken place in distinctively external and an internal perspective for Johnson Arabia LLC.

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