Thesis: Customer Satisfaction at Debenhams

Sample Thesis Paper

Debenhams offers over five hundred brands. However these brands can be classified into twelve separate classifications of consumables. The classifications of brands that Debenhams offers is Beauty, Designers, Womens, Lingerie, Mens, Kids, Electricals, Home, Furniture, Gifts, Weddings and Clearance.  In order for all of these classifications of products and services to be a success amongst its consumers, Debenhams exercises extensive brand management in its marketing techniques. However, on a more direct level, Debenhams makes sure that customer retention programs always have a strong foundation through a pleasant and comfortable shopping experience at the store itself.

Debenhams gives great stress to customer satisfaction because it recognizes customer satisfaction as the most fundamental contributing element to customer loyalty. Debenhams makes sure that it identifies consumer trends in order to adapt its sales and marketing strategies accordingly. Debenhams has a designated team of eleven analysts who take care of this particular end of Debenhams operations. These analysts are charged with the sole task of performing in-depth research into consumer buying habits and trends of consumers. This exercise is carried out every time Debenhams plans on launching a new marketing campaign for a new brand or a new store in a new locality altogether. The analysts are responsible for identifying and analyzing factors pertaining to the size of the catchments market and the impact of external factors that originate from the locality and can possibly have an influence on the sales of the store (SPSS 2007).

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