Thesis: Customer Satisfaction for UK Banks

Sample Thesis Paper

Research has shown that “the way in which UK banks and building societies handle service failure or problems can significantly strengthen or weaken intended loyalty behaviours” (Jones and Farquhar 2007). Consumers tend to show an increased willingness to deposit funds and carry out their financial transactions with banks with which that are satisfied. Their satisfaction is influenced considerably by a collective affect of the factors to which the consumer is directly exposed as well as those that come in the form of the service that the consumer is given. Minor errors or unprecedented delays in a consumer’s transaction can make all the difference between a consumer who recommends the bank to an associate and a consumer who switches his/her account from the initial bank to another. In this regard, customer satisfaction has become an integral and undeniable part of the equation for banks.

In light of the above discussion, it can be surmised that the need to develop consumer trust and confidence through satisfaction holds a significant position in the determination of the success of a bank. It is because of this complication that the study has set out to determine the precise nature of the role and relevance that customer satisfaction holds for banks in the UK. The logic behind this research is to highlight the need for customer satisfaction for UK banks and to ensure that the factor of customer satisfaction is not underestimated of overestimated in nature but is perceived for the actual relevance that it merits.

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