Thesis: Customer Service for Outsourcing

Sample Thesis Paper

The outsourcing agents available have to be evaluated thoroughly for the customer service that they provide. Particularly, in cases such as the one in question, parts are made to precise measurements and specifications. In the occurrence of any manufacturing fault, the company will have to revert back to the outsourcing agent and will have to ensure that the outsourcing agent takes on responsibility for the faulty part and is willing to either fix it or replace it as per the demands of the situation.
It is imperative to note that in the event such a scenario takes place, the company will be acting as the middle-man and will in fact be part of the red tape that will slow the process down (Zhu, Hsu, & Lillie, 2001). However, since there is no other option since the only channel of communication to which the end-user has to is the company; and the company in turn cannot expect to engage in channeling resources towards fixing the faults and errors of its outsourcing agent. The selected outsourcing agent will therefore have to be one that is swift, efficient and effective in terms of its customer service. As the model shows, the outsourcing agent’s customer is the company that has outsourced its operations to begin with. Therefore, the company can provide the end-user with only as much quality customer support as the outsourcing agent is willing to provide to the company in question.

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