Thesis: Are Customers Given Extra Benefits at Debenhams

Sample Thesis Paper

Are Regular Benefits Being Given To You As A Result Of Purchasing Debenhams Products?

More than often customers require extra benefits from their shopping experience in order to feel a sense of value added return on their purchase of a product or a service.

When confronted with the question of whether or not regular benefits were being given to them as a result of being regular customers of Debenhams, sixty seven percent (67%) of the survey participants chose to state that they were indeed receiving regular benefits as a result of their regular purchasing from Debenhams while only a quarter of the total number of survey participants were of the opinion that they did not get any extra benefits from the purchases that they make from Debenhams. On the other hand, around eight percent (8%) of the survey participants chose not to answer this question altogether. The distribution of the answers received for this question can be seen in Table 10.

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