Thesis: Customers should Consider the Policies of the Business

Sample Thesis Paper

Consumers must consider the policies of a particular business while buying a certain product

With regard to the third question that was asked to identify the respondents’ perception of the necessity that exists in the notion that a customer should generally consider the policies of the business when buying from that business. It was observed that in the case of Qatar, only twenty percent chose to strongly agree while ten percent chose to strongly disagree. Another seventeen percent chose to agree while the majority of the survey participants accounted for those who chose to disagree with the notion that consumers should consider the company’s policies before buying a product from that company. Only thirteen percent of the respondents chose to take a neutral stance in response to the question.

In the case of the responses received in answer to this question with regard to the UK, it was observed that the majority chose to strongly agree with the notion that a consumer should consider a company’s policies before purchasing a product from the company. In a very minor opposition was the four percent of the respondents who chose to strongly disagree with the idea that consumers should not pay attention to a company’s policies when purchasing a product of that company. Thirty four percent of the respondents chose to agree with the hypothetical question while only twelve percent of the respondents chose to disagree. Five percent of the respondents did not choose to take a position on the question.

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