Thesis: Cycle-time responsiveness in Value Chain

Sample Thesis Paper

The cycle time is considered to be more important than cost in certain cases and organizations focuses a lot on cycle-time responsiveness. When it comes to achieving a sustainable competitive advantage then responsiveness of the cycle time is considered to be the most important factor. An organization requires speedy service in supplying the product because quick response results in achieving a strategic position for the organization. That is the reason why cycle time must be measured appropriately and focus must be laid on customized products. Therefore, measuring the time when an order is placed and delivered to the customer becomes more important than price of the product (Lambert 2008).

Full Resource Management

Traditional environments in the field of supply chain management focuses on managing the material resources and it assumes that resources has infinite capacity. This fallacy actually initiated from the limitations of the planning systems. This management style can be considered as an authoritarian style of management. However, in a supple chain that consists of multi-stage integrations the scheduler of the supply chain make sure that capacity limitations are remembered at all the steps of the supply chain (Lambert 2008). Therefore, full resource management is necessary in developing a valuable value chain and the scheduling systems that constrained all the resource elements at all the steps become a critical element in value chain management.

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