Thesis: Dangers of Drugs to Youth’s Lives

Sample Thesis Paper

Sports personalities, coaches, medical researchers, human rights activists and nongovernmental organizations are intended to form the unit of analysis. A number of relevant variables in research such as the levels of education of persons, financial status, cultural and social backgrounds and the diversity of the professions of the people forming the research population would be taken into consideration. The variables of the research population would all be assumed to be of equal strength even though views of sports personalities that have actually used abused drugs would be given a stronger consideration. A scale of 1 to 5 would be used in the definition of some views.

Indicators such as the extent to which the harm has affected sports, dangers of drugs to youth’s lives, the age at which drug abusing sports persons remain in the profession would also be analyzed. A Likert scale built on a five point would be used (1= strongly disagree and 5=strongly agree). Purposive sampling strategy would be employed in determining the sample population to be used in the research process. In the final analysis and sampling of the data collected, the sample population would be divided into subgroups for ease of the sampling process. Random sampling would be used since it is simple, most effective, efficient and generally the best method of drawing a sample from the population. Quota sampling strategy was also used in situations where the use of random sampling strategy would be inappropriate.

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