Thesis: Dangers of Obesity

Sample Thesis Paper

This education can be supplemented by nutritional education gained at school. Children can learn concepts such as the food pyramid and its nutritional benefits. This education can be supplemented with quality physical education that has been overlooked in many schools today due to budgetary concerns.

It is important to understand that it is much more difficult to control obesity in adults rather than in children. The societal stigma of obesity, along with public perception and psychological difficulties related to self image, usually make it difficult for an individual to make a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Thus, it is not prudent for the government to give funds to programs which are geared towards helping people free themselves of their weight issues. The success rates of such programs are not only highly variable, but also have no guarantee of sustained weight loss. It is also prudent to mention that a percentage of overweight individuals have various psychological disorders that they have no control over and are quite difficult to treat. The low self esteem and self image issues of these individuals are continuously exacerbated by societal opinions of them. In order to combat this, it is important to take two steps. The first is to increase media coverage and subsequently public knowledge about the dangers of obesity and fatty foods that are so readily available in society. The second is to manage a system of care for these individuals, which is not purely focused on them losing weight. Rather, it should be geared towards preventing eventualities that may occur as a result of this epidemic. While it is true that health care costs for obese individuals results in billions of dollars worth of hospital bills which are a huge strain on the American economy every year. However, it is also true that preventative measures, along with management of the current epidemic are a more prudent course of action to ensure that such costs decrease in the future.

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