Thesis: Data collection technique

Sample Thesis Paper

Another important aspect of a research is its data collection and the techniques which are used to collect and gather the data. The importance of data collection could be viewed from this fact that the data which is being collected at this stage, later on helps in analyzing and evaluating the hypotheses. The two major sources from which data is being collected are named the primary sources and the secondary sources of data collection.
2.3.1 Primary data
As the name suggests primary data means the data which is being designed for the very specific reason of conducting this particular research and this data did not exist prior to this current research. Primary data has many advantages over the secondary data the biggest advantage is that the primary data is directly related to the nature of the problem which is currently on hand and it has been collected for this very purpose.
2.3.2 Secondary data
As the name suggests this is the type of data which has been researched or published or it existed before the current research. The data which is drawn from this research is not similar with the research that is on board, means that the secondary data that has been acquired by the researcher is developed keeping in mind the data and scenario of that particular case.

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