Thesis: The Data Protection Act of 1998

Sample Thesis Paper

This act establishes Data Protection Principles through eight sections. The Data Protection Act begins by defining data and continues to provide a comprehensive framework for the acquiring, usage, distribution and concealment of data.

Data cannot be used for any purpose other than the purpose of collection that was stated at the time of accumulation of data.

The second and the third clause can be combined to form the understanding that data concerning one party cannot be forwarded to a third party without the consent of the subject party. Neither can a third party attempt to obtain that data. However, the individual/party about whom the data is concerned can access the data about him/her/them. According to this law, this combination of the second and the third clause is void only where the acquiring or distribution of the data can help detect and/or prevent crime (OPSI 2008).

The process of keeping the information that is considered to be personal by the subject of the information up to date must not be kept for longer periods than absolutely necessary.

Since the law has been designed to protect the interests of the UK populace, it prohibits the transmission of personal information outside the perimeter of the European Economic Area. This clause does not hold if the individual/party whom the information concerns has no clearly stated that it has no objection to the transmission of that information.

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