Thesis: The One Thing That The Debenhams Brand Has

Sample Thesis Paper

This was perhaps one of the important questions in the survey questionnaire. The question was aimed to specifically determine the leading contributor to any Debenhams brand loyalty that existed. The question was designed to be open ended so that the survey participants could have the luxury to point out the most prominent and unique of Debenhams elements that caught their eye.

A number of varying responses were received in answer to this question but a few were observed to be more frequent than the rest. The survey participants seemed to be unanimous in their opinion regarding the quality of products and services that are available at Debenhams and over fifty percent (50%) of the survey participants made up this particular judgment. An observation by around eight percent (8%) of the participants that stood out to be unique was the placing that Debenhams used to present its products. A few survey participants were also of the opinion that the level of commitment found in the staff at Debenhams was the prime factor that the Debenhams brand name was distinguished by.

The results that have been discussed above are only the most prime of observations obtained from the survey questionnaire. Besides these results, a number of results were obtained that allowed for a thorough understanding of the underlying relations between customer loyalty and the characteristics that are found in various groups of customers for Debenhams. The general trend that was visible through these results indicated that Debenhams customers chose to remain loyal to it because of the balance between quality, price and service that Debenhams had to offer.

By giving a product unique attributes, the brand of the product gains the attributes that give it the place of a unique entity in the consumers’ mind and it is only then that the memory of the product can be expected to last long in the mind of the consumer and contribute to the development of brand loyalty in the long run (Reza and Manuchehr 1998).

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