Thesis: Debenhams Branding Strategy

Sample Thesis Paper

The study commenced with an extensive literature review to identify the role of branding in developing customer loyalty.  The supporting research used both a survey and data from secondary sources to establish the extent to which branding supports customer loyalty for Debenhams stores.  In addition the study identified the growing need for Debenhams to develop and adopt more assertive and effective brand loyalty techniques than those it is currently using in light of the results that Debenhams is attaining from its current brand loyalty development measures. The research highlighted significant areas of image, policies and techniques that Debenhams needs to address in order to take advantage of the role that brand loyalty plays in Debenhams’ success.

The structure of the report is split into different chapters which not only provides background to the current research but also provides support literature to help the researcher in carrying out a comprehensive research and draw important conclusion regarding Debenhams branding strategy. For the purpose of better understanding of the user of this research the detailed structure of the report is hereby described.

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