Thesis: Debenhams Direct Marketing Strategy

Sample Thesis Paper

Debenhams aims to use its direct marketing techniques in order to fuel its customer retention and its customer acquisition schemes. The primary area that Debenhams targets in its marketing campaigns is the lifestyle genre. As a prime aspect of its marketing strategy, Debenhams spends a large amount of time and resources upon customer retention in order to increase brand loyalty. It has chosen to develop its direct marketing campaigns around brand loyalty growth encouragement. An example can be seen in the fact that over six million card holders are kept updated around the year through monthly newsletters. This particular mail is personalized and tailored to the customer’s purchase trends so that they can be encouraged to come to Debenhams as much as possible. In order to do so, Debenhams makes efficient use of Information Technology channels as well. For instance, Debenhams makes sure that its most frequent customers are always kept close by sending them at least two emails a month. These emails are designed to encourage customers to purchase from Debenhams, whether it is by coming by the actual store, or online through

In order to determine and work upon the increase in customer loyalty, Debenhams exercises extensive customer behavior segmentation and designs its direct marketing campaigns to target their chosen segment efficiently. Debenhams carries out extensive data collection in order to develop these segment targeting direct marketing campaigns. Debenhams frequently takes advantage of third party organizations who are assigned to the sole task of working on customer behavior segmentation and brand loyalty development for Debenhams in its customer retention programs.

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