Thesis: Debenham’s Promotion Efforts

Sample Thesis Paper

They may also acquire mailing addresses of prospective consumers in order to mail them their brochures and flyers along with their business cards. In order to do so, retail marketers frequently stress upon the designing and printing of brochures and flyers so that they may be distributed or mailed to prospective clients. Similar retail marketing strategies involve the establishment of a tag line that the retail marketers can market as their signature slogan to represent their identity (Altstiel and Grow 2005). The generation and establishment of a strong tag line allows retail marketers to spend less on brochure and flyer printing once the tag line has become recognized by the consumers. The tag line is used as an identity symbol that the retail marketer can then print on letter heads, fax headers, email signature and invoice headers or footers (Kim and Mauborgne 2005).

It is essential to highlight here that the reason because of which the development of a tag line is suggested so strongly is because the larger part of Debenhams’s promotion efforts seems to be concentrated on the wide range of products and services that Debenhams has to offer. There seems to be very little concentration on the development of a tag line that can represent Debenhams in all these areas of consumer products. It is therefore essential for Debenhams to develop a tag line that Debenhams can rely on to represent its distinct standard of products.

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