Thesis: Using Debenhams for Shopping

Sample Thesis Paper

In order to ascertain the validity of the survey participants in terms of their experience with Debenhams, it was necessary to make sure that the participants had an ample amount of shopping experience at Debenhams. In order to ascertain this variable, the survey participants were asked to identify the time period for which they had been using Debenhams as a shopping source.

The majority was held by a tie between survey participants who had been shopping at Debenhams for two to five years. These participants constituted about two thirds of the total number of participants of the survey. Only eight percent (8%) of the participants had less than a year’s experience of shopping while on the opposite end, the same percentage of survey participants held 10 or more years of shopping experience at Debenhams. The complete details of the answers that were received to this question can be observed in Chart 12.

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