Thesis: Decision to Engage in Outsourcing

Sample Thesis Paper

The decision of whether or not to engage in outsourcing should be considered to be a decision that is nothing less than an otherwise crucial business decision that should be considered to be just as influencing in nature as any other business decision would be. The decision should only be made once critical information has been thoroughly analyzed and evaluated.

This is because of the fact that the implications of the decision to engage in outsourcing may result in the eventual success or failure of the very company itself. This high degree of relevance should be kept in context before the actual process takes place just as much as it should be kept in context during the outsourcing process.  Furthermore, the saving of costs should not be considered to be the only factor of importance in the decision. There are a number of other factors that should also be kept in light when making this decision. This is because of the fact that as the scope of application of outsourcing has grown, so has its importance and the scope of its implications. The option to engage in outsourcing therefore has to be evaluated for multiple dimensions before it can be considered to be a worthy one.

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