Thesis: Decrease of Logistics to Trade in European Union

Sample Thesis Paper

We can conclude from the discussion presented above that although logistics to trade in the European Union are decreased quite a bit by the fact that there exists a significant degree of cooperation amongst the member states of the European Union. Elements such as the Euro as a multilateral currency and green corridors serve to make the trade possibilities within the European Union highly attractive, yet, elements such as the cost of freight transport and the complications that can occur as a result of the non-uniform adoption of policies and procedures amongst the members of the European Union (Luker and Townroe).

We can surmise that there is no doubt to the fact that the sequence with which various nations have acceded into the EU does present a certain degree of intricacy since the accession of every new member into the EU allows for the establishing and opening of new trade corridors, yet there remains the fact that as trade within the EU increases, so will the damage to the environment that is caused by the rudimentary techniques that are used to carry out logistics operations in trade. However, the development of green trade corridors promises to bring about a favorable turn in events that can be expected to assist in the further development of trade across the EU.

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