Thesis: Defeating Information Terrorism

Sample Thesis Paper

The proposed research is designed to formulate a definition of information terrorism that can be used by both public and private concerns in order to better understand what constitutes the problem and thereby control it.  Through an analysis of government definitions the researcher will attempt to define the term from an official standpoint. By doing the proposed research will attempt to determine whether there is a gap between government and private approaches to the problem and, if so, will make recommendations for policy to narrow that gap.  The expected benefit of the study is to tie public and private understanding of information terrorism together to show how the internet and related information forums can be better policed to defeat information terrorism.  Janszewski (2005) argued that information terrorism can only be defeated “if all stakeholders participate” and this study will attempt to provide a comprehensive understanding of the problem that will lead to the integration of stakeholder concerns toward that end.


The study will be exploratory in nature, and will therefore be focused primarily on definition of the problem as it stands in current policy and in the public understanding.  Although policy recommendations will be offered, the study will not consist of an exhaustive analysis of current policy.  Rather, it will focus on perception and conceptualization of the problem as it is found within that policy. What constitutes information terrorism and how is it understood?  These are the primary questions that will be addressed.  A related questions is: What can be done about it will? Some preliminary directions will be offered based on the analysis of the research.

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