Thesis: Defining Outsourcing

Sample Thesis Paper

The relevance of this paper lies in the fact that it will make use of a number of sources, many of which will comprise of peer reviewed publications relating directly to the subject of outsourcing and the obstacles that the process of outsourcing incorporates. This will allow the paper to present authentic and credible statements and will enable the subsequent derivation of authentic inferences.

For the purpose of this paper and to decrease the risk of ambiguity in the discussion, Outsourcing shall be considered under the following definition: “The word outsourcing defines the process of transferring the responsibility for a specific business function from an employee group to a non-employee group” (Zhu, Hsu, & Lillie, 2001).

Furthermore, “Outsourcing is defined as the procurement of products or services from sources that are external to the organization… In the current environment of right-sizing, with a renewed focus on core business activities, companies can no longer assume that all organizational services must be provided and managed internally. Competitive advantage may be gained when products or services are produced more effectively and efficiently by outside suppliers” (Lankford & Parsa, 1999).

“The essence of these definitions is that outsourcing refers to the concept of looking for expertise to handle certain business functions outside the existing firm. The decision-making process that management must undergo when considering outsourcing hinges on a make or buys philosophy. More variables are brought into play when management considers outsourcing a product or service that is currently being produced internally” (Embleton & Wright, 1998). In this regard, the paper will give special consideration to the question of the make-or-buy philosophy as a part of its conclusion for the case in question.

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