Thesis: Definition of ‘SME’

Sample Thesis Paper

The first step of the research is to select the organisations from the secondary data (Enterprise-Ireland e-business case studies, 2003 and Adam & O Doherty, 2000’s  findings) who qualify in the SME category, as defined by Commission of European communities’ recommendation (2003) which is notified under document number C(2003) 1422. It defines the SMEs as organisations having less than 250 headcounts and a turnover less than or equal to 50 million euros or a balance sheet total of less than or equal to 43 million euros.

Classification of the findings

The second step was to filter the SMEs further so that they fit into one of the following categories discussed below:

Category A : SMEs who have installed ERP systems and are positioned in the post-implementation phase of their project.

Category B: SMEs who are in the process of ERP implementation and are positioned in the middle phases of their project.

Category C: SMEs who have not begun the implementation yet, but have carried out all detailed planning and design which is required prior to the implementation phase.

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