Thesis: Dell’s Distribution Channel

Sample Thesis Paper

The traditional distribution channel that is followed by players in the personal computer industry is one that encompasses five distinct components. The process starts with the supplier, from which parts move on to the PC maker, which manufactures the end product and forwards the product onwards to the distributors. These distributors in turn sell the product to retailers, integrators and resellers. The retailers, integrators and resellers represent the fourth stage of the process, from which the final customer makes the purchase, hence bringing the process across five stages to reach its conclusion. In sharp contrast, Dell’s distribution channel follows a very distinct path. In Dell’s case, the scenario starts from the suppliers, from whom Dell makes purchases and manufactures the end product. Dell then eliminates the third and fourth traditional stages in the distribution channel and moves directly to the final customer; the end user.

Dell’s value chain is powered by information that is acquired from its customers. Dell has always been in the habit of compiling massive volumes of data to derive information that it can bring into use to develop its value chain. The purpose of this development is to allow its value chain to function with considerable flexibility. This is because each sale made by Dell is one that is of a customized product. Therefore, Dell needs to be able to function seamlessly in the face of dynamic consumer demands.

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