Thesis: Dell’s Supply Chain Functions

Sample Thesis Paper

Dell’s supply chain functions by establishing a link between planners and suppliers.  This link is established in an effort to meet customer demands (Klinker, Terrell, & Mahfouz, 2006). Software such as Premier Pages allows Dell to carry out and implement a purely digital ordering system that is free of paper based processing and is therefore free of red tape and similar unwanted reasons for delays.

It is imperative to highlight at this point that Dell’s manner of operation with regard to CRM and SCM is one that combines operations on both fronts. Dell actively carries out customer profiling in order to provide consumers with preference-based promotions from the point they place an order to the point they come to customer support after having received their ordered merchandise (Klinker, Terrell, & Mahfouz, 2006). One of the most essential aspects of Dell’s SCM is the fact that its SCM strategy excels in the reduction of inventory overages through a continuous and critical evaluation of stock status with relation to logs and supplier indentures.

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