Thesis: Demonizing the Opposition Propaganda

Sample Thesis Paper

Demonizing the opposition is a propaganda technique that is used to show the opposition as a party that represents pure evil  (Jenks). This propaganda technique highlights and then exaggerates the negative connotations of the opposition to an extent where the exaggerated negative connotations overwhelm any positive traits that the opposition may have. The technique is frequently brought into use in political rivalry.


Disinformation is the purposeful spreading of information that is inaccurate, imprecise, and inexact in nature. The process of disinformation is generally used in propaganda activities and is used to develop negative perceptions about the subject of the disinformation  (Jenks). The essence of disinformation is to contort perceptions of reality in order to bring the target audience to a point where they agree to engage in a particular activity in the context of the disinformation with which they have been provided.


Distraction is the presentation of elements that take attention away from areas where it merits being focused. Distraction is a widely used propaganda activity that is used to cause the deviation of attention from an element towards which the audience would have otherwise looked at  (Jenks). This is generally brought about by making use of disinformation, contrivance, or by demonizing the opposition.

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