Thesis: Destination Marketing

Sample Thesis Paper

Pike (2008, p. xiii) defines ‘Destinations are multi-dimensional. That is, the destination product is an amalgam of a diverse and often eclectic range of attractions, activities, people, scenery, accommodation, amenities, and climate. And yet to get noticed in the market, that diversity has to be synthesized into statement of around seven words that capture the spirit of the place, with some focused imagery that will fit on to a billboard or magazine page.’  Destination marketing is an essential gismo for tourist destinations as it gives information of emerging and established visiting places to the people from different part of the world, which brings greater attention of the place to visitors. It also helps getting established to the new places as tourist destination and provides competitive advantages on its tourism industry in international market.

Kotler, Bowen and Makens (2006, p. 729) defines Destination marketing as ‘an integral part of developing and retaining a particular location’s popularity. Too often, however, tourism planners focus only on destination developments without paying attention to retaining and preserving the attributes that attracted travelers to the destination in the first place’.

Destination having natural beauty, archeological sites, multicultural traditions and cultural history will attract natural tourist (Morgan et al, 2004) where adequate level of investment on marketing to build attractions or promote events has to be undertake in case of lack of attraction existence. In marketing terms, value of brand is vast as ‘brand represents a unique combination of product characteristics and added values, both functional and non-functional, which have taken on a relevant meaning that is inextricably linked to that brand, awareness of which may be conscious or intuitive’ (Macrae et al., 1995 cited in Morgan et al, 2004, p. 61)

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