Thesis: Details about SAP’s Data Warehousing SAP R/3 ERP system

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One such data warehousing software was the SAP R/3 by SAP, a Germany based company specializing in data software development. The SAP R/3 served to bring a considerable degree of ease to data warehousing usability by providing considerably easy to use and user friendly interfaces.
While the SAP R/3 asks for a strong hardware and software base, the kind that one generally finds in a mainframe, the data warehousing software allows networking through what is generally referred to as a client-server system. More simply, the data is stored in a stored neatly in a central location from where it can be accessed from anywhere at any time to store or retrieve information. The official figures for the use of this software show that it is being used in over 9,000 companies across the globe (SAP 2010).
Customized for Business Operations
The SAP R/3 is capable of storing and effectively managing data in multiple languages and numeric formats; such as different currencies. The first SAP data warehousing system, namely the R/1 was initially brought into use by European multinationals which desired to implement a data warehousing system that could facilitate real time processing of data storage, retrieval and analysis. As a result, SAP was encouraged to release more advanced versions; latest in the line of which is the SAP R/3. It is important to highlight at this point that the massive scope of implementation of the SAP R/3 has led it to become recognized as a leading ERP system across multinational organizations across the globe.

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