Thesis: Developing Teams through Training & Development

Sample Thesis Paper

When setting out to develop a team, it is imperative for a set of prerequisites to be satisfied beforehand. The team to be formed has to have a purpose and an objective behind it. The team is then built so that it consists of a group with a team leader or manager assigned to lead the team. This team leader can be an individual present within the team or one who can be an external manager.

Subsequently, it is necessary for the team members to be completely and fully acquainted with each other in order to ensure that no communication gap between them. While it is only natural for team members to experience a certain degree of stress on account of the fact that they feel that they have to rely on other individuals while others will be relying on them during the course of the team’s functioning. In order to ensure that the team functions adequately, a commonly used approach is to address issues in team building through training and development exercises. Trainings that address the development and functioning of teams addresses areas such as communication gaps within the team members, communication gaps between the team leader/leaders and the team members and employee willingness to function as part of a team.

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