Thesis: The Development of Brand Commitment

Sample Thesis Paper

A consumer committed to a brand chooses to not only make repeated purchases of the brand but also serves as an advocate for the brand by recommending others to purchase the same. However, the development of brand commitment, or brand loyalty as some researches refer to it, is a highly complicated process because the modern day consumer is exposed to multiple channels of information at the same time, each vouching for its accuracy and indirectly denouncing the other (Humby, Hunt, & Phillips, 2007).

Brand commitment, in this regard, serves to stimulate sales while allowing the manufacturer to benefit from consumer retention. Marketing and promotion approaches used are more applicable on current consumers of a brand than they are on potential consumers. This is because of the fact that less than half the percentage required to acquire a new consumer is needed to retain an existing consumer (Lundy, 2006). Therefore the retention of consumers is in favor of the manufacturers of the brand.

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