Thesis: Development of the European Union Internal Trade Market

Sample Thesis Paper

According to the article titled Preparation of logistics managers for the contemporary environment of the European Union, by Richard F. Poist, Carl A. Scheraga and Janjaap Semeijn which was published in the 31st volume of the International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, the process of the development of the European Union internal trade market has seen exponential developments over the period of the last decade. One of the few areas that this development has had a direct implication upon is the logistical relevance of these developments. There has however been a looming threat regarding the risk of inconsistent adoption and implementation of policies across the member states that may serve to make the issue of logistics significantly difficult to overcome.
If a policy is implemented across the European Union member states and the implementation of the same is inconsistent, then there is a fair chance that companies and organizations that are engaged in business across these member states will have to struggle twice as much in order to comply with the multiple standards that they are then faced with. In the light of this fact, it is extremely important to ensure that any and all policies that are implemented are first and foremost thoroughly agreed upon in its intricacies by the member of the European Union.
Also, environmental concerns also play a major role in the development and the assurance of consistency in the discouraging of the establishment of trade barriers that pertain to logistics (Poist, Scheraga and Semeijn). Harmonization of procedures that are related to customs and an increased level of integration of these procedures is an element that can almost always serve to ensure that logistics barriers are discouraged and ventures that have a potential to bring progress to the economy of the involved parties can be invited.

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