Thesis: Development of Transportation

Sample Thesis

It is common to find the channeling of funds in the United States towards transportation in regions where capital investment can serve as a catalyst for business operation. It is for the same reason that public funds are often channeled towards the development of transportation measures in an attempt to increase productivity levels at industrial facilities. This allows for an improvement to be brought in the business climate of the region and serves to support the economy of that region in the long run.

In the United States economy, a development in the area of retail does not serve as an economic expansion that can be relied upon. On the other hand, an increase in the rate of development in the area of transport allows for the establishment of a continuous process of development. While a decrease in retail development will serve to only cause a diversion of demand from one source to another, it will not result in the abolishment of jobs. On the other hand, an abolishment of transport means serves to render people incapable of performing their jobs. An element that should be considered at this point is that an excess of transport means could cause congestion to take place (Lexington Area Metropolitan Planning Organization, 2005), in which case the presence of transportation instruments, modes and means serves a purpose that is the exact opposite of what it is meant for. The development of congestion in the transportation infrastructure serves to slow down the economy.

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