Thesis: Developments in the Area of Stem Cell Research

Sample Thesis Paper

The authors are of the perception, that in this regard, is has become increasingly necessary to develop a platform where these contributions can be shared, without which the developments in the area of Stem Cell research can be expected to experience a steady downhill trend that will be no doubt causing harm to one of the latest thresholds of development that man has achieved in his ongoing pursuit of science and technology.

The article under consideration in particular was one that delved into the intricacies involved with the disbursement of two of the most prominent developments that came about in the area of Stem Cell research in 2004. The article was rather particular about highlighting the significance of the degree of concern that was given to one of these two research developments in particular: developments in the ES cell lines. The authors highlighted the fact that seventeen (17) new EU cell lines had been brought forth which were much easier to sustain than former cell lines. This came as quite a significant development but the authors were careful to mention that legal policies played an integral role in the complete utilization of these new developments and if the new ES cell line developments were to be taken advantage of, it would be necessary to ensure that they were channeled through the appropriate platforms from where peers of the pioneering researchers could utilize the developments related to the new EU cell lines in their research.

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