Thesis: Diabetes Management and Care

Sample Thesis Paper

Citation: Welch, G., Rose, G., & Ernst, D. (2006). Motivational Interviewing and Diabetes: What Is It, How Is It Used, and Does It Work? Diabetes Spectrum , 19 (1), 5-11.

Brief synopsis: The research article was based primarily on the role of Motivational Interviewing in Diabetes management and care. The research article initiated by establishing that Motivational Interviewing has become one of the most essential elements in the field of behavioral diabetes.

The research established that Motivational Interviewing is a highly effective form of therapy and can be referred to as clinical treatment at its best (Welch, Rose, & Ernst, 2006). Motivational Interviewing is not only limited to consultation but also incorporates an extensive involvement of formal motivational models, clinical influence, listening skills and ambivalence. It was established that the Motivational Interviewing technique is on that is quite similar to the empowerment model that is frequently used in diabetes education training.

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