Thesis: How to Diagnose Asbestosis

Sample Thesis Paper

Some of the clinical symptoms for Asbestosis may appear 20 to 40 years after one was lastly exposed to asbestos and they are coughing and short breadth. Breathlessness normally continues to advance even one is no longer being exposed to asbestos. On examination, one is found to have abnormal lung sounds and the fingers and toes appear to change a condition referred to as clubbing. The failure of the right side of the heart or cor pulmonale and lips and fingers turning blue are also symptoms of asbestosis.

In order to establish whether one has asbestosis microscopic as well as biopsy of the lungs has to be done. Under a microscope, it is possible to see the fibers that are lining the lung tissue thus causing scarring. The amount and time a person might have been exposed to asbestos is proportional to severity of this condition. Some other particles may appear as asbestos under a microscope so, in order to do a conclusive diagnosis one should do scanning by electron microscopy. If there is a history of exposure to asbestos and study of the patient’s x-rays, it is possible to diagnose asbestosis. The appearance of asbestos fibers in the tissues of the lungs as well as the presence of fluids may also help in the diagnosis.

It is also of paramount importance to note that asbestos is associated with the cases of other conditions such as pleural abnormalities and mesothelioma. A significant exposure to asbestos may lead to pleural which affects the walls of the lungs. On the other hand, mesothelioma is a type of cancer that affects the walls of the lungs referred to as pleural or the abdomen known as peritoneum. Cigarette smoking is not a casing agent for this type of cancer but a significant exposure to asbestos may cause it.

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