Thesis: Diagnosis of Tourette Syndrome

Sample Thesis Paper

Doctor Oliver Sacks is a famous neurologist working primarily in treatment of patients with neurological disorders; Tourette syndrome is a neurological condition, it is usually misunderstood, and misdiagnosed, and mistreated.

Tourette is sometimes diagnosed as acute anxiety, schizophrenia and asthma , the evaluator suspects that the person has Tourette than he must ask for previousĀ  patient history and reports and the evaluator must discuss it with the medical consultant, people who are diagnosed with Tourette frequently have motor disorder along with visual defects,(Bronheim,1991), difficulties with impulse control, various learning disabilities and sleep disorders, the range of tics like symptoms that occur in Touretteā€™s Syndrome are often confusing to the family members, friends, teachers and employers who may find it hard to believe that the actions and vocal utterances are not deliberate, tics may be worse at certain times of the day or while doing certain work, and the person might be exerting great restraint and energy to suppress the tics and to control the effects of obsessive thoughts and compulsive behavior. Tourette Syndrome is a very complex condition, there is no cure for it at this time, though there is increased awareness of this disorder and rehabilitation process is considered to provide help to such patients, it is necessary to help such patients to normalcy, to help them to cope with daily life and work as stress and physical exhaustion increases the occurrence of tics therefore the rehabilitation personnel teach effective stress management techniques to control their impulsive acts.

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