Thesis: Diagnostic Ultrasound

Sample Thesis Paper

It is however recommended as a conclusive statement for this paper that research and development be carried out on ultrasound technology with the consistency that it is being currently subjected to since it comes forth as an ideal instrument for monitoring the growth and development of the fetus in pregnant woman and is perhaps the most safe method of performing this monitoring to date.

In this regard, the ultrasound remains an undeniably significant technique. However, in light of the discussion and the paradox that currently exists with respect to the benefits and risks of ultrasound, it would be justified to being the discussion to a close with the understanding that no harmful implications have been detected as yet for diagnostic ultrasound.

“Even though we do not have a detailed understanding of the mechanism of sound absorption, tissue impedances are known which can be used to predict heat production and to estimate the reflection and transmission of sound at macroscopic tissue interfaces” (Duck, Baker, & Starritt, 1998).

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