Thesis: Dialogue as a Means to Teaching and Learning

Sample Thesis Paper

When we speak of Dialogue as a means to educate and teach, we are of course referring to a series of abstract principles which are directed towards bringing the focus back to the learner rather than the teacher. Dialogue education allows the learner to actively absorb the content rather than passively listen to it and being dependent on the teacher for instructions. Ideas are thus integrated into the learner’s way of thinking rather than forced upon him allowing for an effective learning experience.

In any form of learning technique there are seven design questions which must be answered before it can be attributed to any setting. These design questions encompass who, why, when, where, what for, what and how? Who encompasses the learners on whom this method is being employed, the why is referring to the reasons for needing this method? When should it be used, which environment is it necessary in, what is it for, what knowledge will be communicated and how will it is communicated (Vella, 2002 p. 37-43). All these questions are encompassed in the three basic concepts of education through dialogue. The three concepts are known are critical, critical consciousness and student centered dialogue. When we speak of the critical concept, it is an adjective which encompasses all the presupposition which exist in society in regards to education. Suppositions such as the value of factual data in society, how language can be used for mediation and learning, our concepts of power and understanding which are shaped by historical perspectives and socio cultural influences and the use of traditional methods of teaching and consideration of these methods as being oppressive. The exploration of this idea allows the individual to challenge mainstream constructs and bring new ideas into the fold by promoting “cognitive models of education study and practice” (Kincheloe & Horn, 2008 p. 756-761).

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