Thesis: Differences between Islamic Law and Australian Law

Sample Thesis Paper

Recently, the debate addressing the integration of certain aspects of Islamic law has experienced an extension in its momentum and both Islamic law and Australian law have come under extensive analysis and critical analysis as a subsequent result. This paper will attempt to contribute to the debate by presenting characteristic differences between Islamic law and Australian law that should be taken into account when considering the exchange of arguments.
The law of Islam has a tendency to fail to recognize other non-Islamic nations as equals in its legal perceptions. It considers itself to be something of a universal state which is the approach that was also reflected in the times of medieval Christendom as well as in ancient Rome. To elaborate, the law of Islam does not consider the consent of any other party or entity in its statements in light of its perception of its constituents as those that are significantly superior to others . However, during the tenure of its domination in history, Islamic law experienced considerable changes on account of its attempt to adapt to the changing demands of evolving time. A previously rigid body of law has now taken on a form where it itself is eager to contribute to world peace. However, this is far more easily said than done.

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