Thesis: Differences between Male and Female Prisons

Sample Thesis Paper

Female prisons are commonly developed according to the designs of a male prison. A more frequently observed occurrence is the conversion of male prison into a female prison. This setup is one that chooses to consider women to the same subjection as men whereas the needs of women prisoners are far different than those of male prisons. The differences are most prominent in terms of the demands for and reactions against Strip searches, power imbalances between inmates and correctional facility staff, violations of privacy, verbal belittlement and physical degradation. This fact is further worsened by the implications of long periods of physical abuse or sexual abuse in the past since the presence of such records makes the female prisoners all the more vulnerable.

A frequently researched upon and criticized aspect of female prisons is the presence of male correctional staff. The presence of male correction staff in a female prison is considered to be questionable in light of researches that have shown that women prisoners in facilities where there are male correctional staff present are more exposed to chances of being subjected to physical abuse than those imprisoned in facilities where the entire correctional staff is female. “Women, especially those who have suffered victimization and marginalization, generally derive a sense of identity and worth from their role as a mother and homemaker. These also serve as a source of resilience. For many women, imprisonment results in the temporary or permanent loss of both children and accommodation. This elevates the trauma and disadvantage of both detained mothers and their children, and perpetuates the cycle of criminality” (Moloney, Bergh, & Moller, 2009).

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