Thesis: Differences between Religion and Storytelling

Sample Thesis Paper

Before we speak of the differences between religion and storytelling it is important to know what they both are. Firstly religion is orderly approach to understanding and experiencing human spirituality. Its beliefs and practices are structured in order to give meaning and transcendence to those who follow it. While storytelling is the use of words, sounds and images to convey a narrative.

The book blurs the lines between belief and storytelling emphasizing that all religions no matter what traditions or religious methodology they follow are firmly entrenched in the practice of being closer to God. However similar they may be though in terms of storytelling being an integral part of religion. The stories which are told in religion all take place with god having a centric role. Religion is created to be an experience which brings people closer to God. Its entire structure calls for the abandonment of the physical and reaching for the spiritual.

Storytelling however focuses on humanizing the details of the narrative and making it believable by using real world examples. Thus storytelling requires that at least some of the details be set in the physical world. The story told at the end of the book which gave credence to crude reality that Pi experienced was not chosen by the Japanese investigators because they preferred the other one. According to Pi he feels God prefers that one too.

Another important point is that storytelling as a medium relies on perspective. If a person tells a story the perspective given will change not only according to the narrator but also according to the person listening to it thus creating a different experience each time. However, in religious terms though the three major religions in the book differ due to their traditions and beliefs. Though they all contradict each other in terms of religious dogma, they all emphasize a close personal relationship with God. They all give importance to having faith in God and knowing God through an expression of ourselves. Thus though the perspective of each religion may be the different the experiences of the individual who follows them are the same.

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