Thesis: Difficulties and Challenges in Marketing Tourist Destination

Sample Thesis Paper

Nature and man-made disasters causes downturn in tourism Industry.  Unseen disasters like Tsunami in Japan (2011), Hurricane Katrina on the north central Gulf Coast of USA (2005), and Tsunami in Indian Ocean (2004) affecting Srilanka, Thailand, Maldives, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, India and Indonesia’s tourism caused significant decline in number of visitors to these place (Middleton et. al, 2009). Disasters so far, are they natural or man made have been always caustic demolishing the image of the place and leaving devastation impact on destination marketing. The destruction on attractions and infrastructures like on route of transport, risen challenges on fulfillment of basic needs for inhabitants leaves shaky image of the place where majority of foreigner won’t like to go to that place unless the visit is purposeful, for e.g. research, volunteering or News collection.

Man made destructions in Tourism Industry from Political crisis; Civil war in Nepal between government and Maoist from mid of 1990’s to 2008 (Boniface & Cooper, 2009), Political dispute in Thailand-2010, Greece economic and political crisis in 2011 (BBC, 2011) has significantly disturbed the tourism industry. Terrorisms; USA 9/11 attacks, Bali bombing 2002, Bombings in Madrid’s train system-2004 (Avraham & Ketter, 2008) made people to think once more whether or not to go to visit such places. ‘It is easy to downgrade a product or allow it to deteriorate; but it is the devil’s own work to upgrade a low-image product’ (Pike, 2008, p.15).

Despite Branding being a major element on marketing tourist destination, it is a challenge in itself to make effective and popular brand inside the country and in foreign nations especially when the destination is not from top ten countries (Morgan et. al, 2004). The successful brand carries huge power of attracting people’s emotion to make them choose that particular place for holidays, for e.g. ‘Singapore roars’, Hong Kong ‘Live it, love it’, Tanzania ‘Authentic Africa’, Arizona ‘the Grand Canyon state’, Orlando ‘Destination imagination’ and Caribbean ‘Everything you want it to be’ (Morgan et. al, 2004).

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