Thesis: Digital Future

Sample Thesis Paper

This paper is an essay on two journal articles pertaining to the impacts of technological advancements on intellectual copy right laws. Both articles are from the journal Media Culture & Society and focus on the fact that privacy is nothing less than a crime. The first article that has been selected for the purpose of analysis of this paper is The global ‘epidemic’ of movie ‘piracy’: crime-wave or social construction? by Majid Yar of the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK.

The article talks of piracy issues that have come forth in recent years with the advent of 21st century technological advancements and the steps and measures that have been taken by Hollywood in their efforts to persuade legislators. The article summarizes the “nature, scope and scale” (Yar 2005) of the plague of piracy that has plagued the concept of copyright in the last decade. report highlights the exponential increase that piracy has recently undergone and aims to direct attention to the matter through the implications that piracy can have on a broad scale.

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