Thesis: What is Digitization

Sample Thesis Paper

Digitization is the representation of an object through its sound and imagery represented in its digital form. Globalization has also spurred the occurrence of increased levels of digitization (Krause & Petro, 2003, p. 16). However, the concept is relatively new in its acceptance and it is for the same reason that the media is still in a development phase in this regard. An example of digitization can be found in the fact that it has served to bring about an inverse in one of man’s oldest desires. While the man in the olden days was one who wished to have all the world’s knowledge at his disposal, digitization has served to bring the modern day man to a standing where there is more knowledge at his disposal than he can efficiently organize and make use of (Kelly, 2006).

It is apparent from the above discussion that globalization has had significant influences on the media. It would be fair to surmise that the evolution of the media in the last century can be attributed to the rapid rate of globalization. In essence, Globalization serves to define the compression of the working elements of the world. It is imperative to highlight at this point that not all of the implications of globalization on the media are positive. While globalization may have led to as increase in the awareness of education, democracy and economic and cultural diversity, it has also made turned the media industry into a rat race of sorts where small businesses face little or no support and culture becomes nothing more than a tool that is infrequently visited when it is required in the pursuit of higher profits.

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