Thesis: Direct Market Competition of Sega and Accolade

Sample Thesis Paper

When we consider a free market system, consumers will of course always gravitate towards the lowest prices.  Without the cash incentives gained from the sale of this source code Sega would have to charge more from consumers in order to keep their profit margin. Additionally, in such a market since Accolade has not paid for the use of this technology they can offer consumers the same technology at a lower price. The increased market saturation of the product in addition to direct market competition from Accolade would force Sega to lower the price of their product.

This would not only cause harm to the company in terms of financial distress, due to the over saturation in the market of the same product Sega may have to withdraw their product from the market. This would remove any incentives that Sega has to create other intellectual properties in the future. Since Sega has no guarantee that they will receive the benefits of their labor they may not wish to invest time and energy into similar projects in the future. Additionally if Sega would have to scale back its operations as well as decrease their employment in case it does not meet its profit quota.

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