Thesis: Distribution of Information amongst Medical Community

Sample Thesis Paper

By doing so, the report served to bring forth the conclusion that the currently present system that is present to exercise the distribution of information amongst the medical community lacks the required momentum that is required for the present scenario. It is also a matter of primary significance that the information transferred through the currently present information distribution is based upon legitimate studies and analysis and of a nature that encourages physicians to continue their delving into the external stores of continuously accumulating knowledge related to their line of work. This will allow physicians to be better aware of information that they need to know in order to discourage the trend noted above.

Another journal article subjected to analysis in this literature review was Factors influencing the participation of gastroenterologists and hepatologists in clinical research, by Anouk T Dev, Teresa L Kauf, Amany Zekry , Keyur Patel, Karen Heller, Kevin A Schulman, and John G McHutchison. The article stressed upon the leading causes that contributed to the decreased participation of physicians in clinical trials (Dev, Kauf, Zekry, Patel, Heller, & McHutchison, 2008).

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